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Sir Richard Branson’s video statement

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Straightline Aviation together with world-leading manufacturers are the driving force behind the introduction of innovative and eco-efficient hybrid airships creating a transport revolution that will change the face of aviation.

Our Team

The company is made up of a team of aviation experts with decades of experience in pioneering global commercial aviation business with a unique background covering airships, fixed wing aviation, remote logistics and operations. Whether that is growing the largest fleet of airships operated worldwide, developing Virgin Atlantic into a truly international airline, or class leading remote logistics in the harshest of environments.

Straightline Aviation was established, at the request of the hybrid airship manufacturers, specifically to operate this new and game changing airship because of our unrivalled experience operating airships. And because of this close relationship and our industry knowledge, we are positioned to become a global leader in the operation and management of airship fleets for the foreseeable future.

Our management team has a long track record of safe aircraft operations covering many tens of thousands of hours, delivering exceptional service to our customers and providing unique and creative solutions to their challenges.

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Our Aircraft

The hybrid airship has been designed to provide a safe, reliable and environmentally friendly transport solution to the vast populations and areas of the world that do not benefit from existing transport infrastructure; offering a lower cost option for transporting freight, cargo and people to and from those locations, without the need for expensive, road, rail or airport development.

Freight and cargo transportation is a growing market estimated to be $15.5tn by 2023 and will continue to grow in order to supply an expanding global population. However, this is unsustainable. Not just in fiscal terms of airport and road construction and high operating costs but also in terms of vast devastation caused to the environment and the carbon emissions from traditional transport methods.

The Hybrid airship has been developed to solve a pressing need. A hybrid airship that is low on carbon emissions, does not need an airport to operate from or roads as supply routes.

  • The airship can operate into and out of flat unprepared surface whether it is dirt, grass, sand, snow, ice or even water.

  • No ground-handling equipment (such as masts) is required, thanks to the unique Air Cushion Landing System (ACLS). 

  • Fully laden with freight and passengers, the hybrid airship can handle longer duration flights up to 1,030 miles.

  • The hybrid airships will burn one-fifth of the fuel and produce one-tenth of the carbon emissions of a heavy lift helicopter.

  • Carry at least a 20-ton payload as well 12 to 19 passengers.

  • Operate with similar ground-handling parameters to a standard cargo jet such as a Boeing 737.

  • Offer greater range and significantly lower costs per ton-mile than heavy lift helicopters and other traditional modes of transport.

  • Reduce operating expenses through a combination of greater fuel-efficiency, lower maintenance and reduced downtime than helicopters.

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Straightline Aviation are embedded with core values that provide the foundation of our extensive operational experience:

  • Serving the customer – We are responsive with a can do attitude, innovative, and focused on over achieving our customer’s expectations.

  • Performance – We set our performance standards to be the highest level, with a safety first attitude underpinning everything that we do.

  • People – We have a team of inspirational, industry leading professionals capable of delivering for our customers and stakeholders while upholding our values.

  • Environment – We aim to operate to the highest environmental standards, reinventing the carbon footprint of the transport industry. Our technology will also deliver economic benefit to remote communities or communities where current infrastructure is under pressure.

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