Straightline Aviation’s directors were responsible for creating an integrated marketing platform creating massive brand awareness and driving sales. This was achieved by forming the largest aerial advertising agency and negotiating numerous multi-million dollar service contracts with blue-chip clients like Goodyear and Sanyo.

With a longstanding history of operating a range of lighter-than-air aircrafts. We are able to provide an assortment of advertising platforms and can tailor our services to suit our customers’ requirements.


The world’s largest aircraft...

  • An opportunity to join us in a global transport revolution

  • A unique aerial advertising platform and hospitality experience

  • Major aircraft manufacturers have spent $3bn developing hybrid aircraft

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Advertising Space Diagram.jpg

World’s Largest Flying Billboard

  • 72m x 9m and 48m x 7m advertising space


  • 48m x 16m banner site on each side of the aircraft body

  • External projection areas

Subsidiary branding areas on the

  • nose and tail

  • cabin (internal – external)

  • Branded vehicles

  • Branded crew uniforms


Hybrid Airship

HA Advertising copy.jpg
Airship Advertising- Virgin Days.jpg


38 countries, 5 continents including:

USA – Mexico – Canada – Puerto Rica – Bahamas - Brazil – Argentina – Paraguay – Uruguay – Peru – Australia – China - Hong Kong – Singapore – Malaysia – Japan – India – Turkey – Israel – Poland – Slovenia – Slovakia – Germany – Hungary – Croatia – Czech Republic – Greece – South Africa – Italy – France – Belgium – Portugal – Spain – Austria – Norway – Netherlands – Sweden – United Kingdom

Consistently led the airship market and operated a fleet of 19 airships, employing more than 400 staff in six offices around the world.


Hot Air and Gas Balloon

Operated over 200 hot air balloons in over 50+ countries around the world including UK, France, Spain, Germany, Russia, USA, Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica, Brazil, Argentina, Algeria, Morocco, Kenya, Egypt, Jordan, Sudan, Australia, China and Malaysia. Plus permission to overfly a further 92 countries.

Hot Air Balloon Advertising copy.jpg

Why the biggest brands use aerial advertising

  • Aerial advertising has an established record in providing unparalleled memorable impacts for the world’s largest brands.

  • Operating in an uncrowded space, aerial advertising provides higher memorable branding than any other media.

  • Cost of audience impacts is lower than traditional media.

  • Brand recall of aerial advertising is higher and long lasting.

  • The hybrid proposition can deliver more audience impacts at a lower cost and greater impact longevity while attaching key aspirational elements of excitement, innovation and new technology associated with first mover status.

Airship Advertising.jpg
Promotion charts copy.jpg

Aerial Advertising - High quality low cost audience impact

1. Aerial Advertising

  • A massive floating billboard – positioned where it is needed, when it is needed

2. Aerial Filming

  • For live TV exposure generating media value and massively enhanced audience reach

3. The Media Magnet

  • Generating media opportunities with exceptionally high recall

4. Sales Promotions

  • Driving sales through POS links

5. The Corporate Flagship

  • Driving the corporate image


Hybrid aircraft are GREEN

  • Cost effective (about 1/10 the cost of heavy lift helicopters)

  • Reduce environmental impact (saving further costs of infrastructure and reparation)

  • Put out low-carbon emissions (reducing carbon footprint)

  • Quiet to operate (low noise pollution)


Media Awareness

  • In 2014, without leaving the hangar, the Airlander story reached a global audience.

  • 1,000 Media Outlets Including: Reuters

  • An Audience Reach of 350 Million.

  • Equivalent Advertising Value £100,000,000 (Independently researched).

  • Most Read Most Shared Article BBC Online 1,200,000 Page Hits in first 24 hours.

  • 600,000 views on HAV website

  • Circulated to 5,000+ UK schools

  • Prime Minister David Cameron tweeted to 2.6m followers

(need to make this less HAV specific)

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Nike Hangar Exit.jpg

Sponsorship Opportunities

Exclusive Launch Partner £1.5m

(plus artwork & production)

Including aircraft naming rights

  • Hangar media launch  Jan 2016

  • Hangar exit   Feb 2016

  • Royal naming ceremony  Mar 2016

  • First flight   April 2016

  • Over 20 distinct UK media opportunities


  • 200 UK flying hours   Apr–Jun 2016

With the opportunity to fly over major events


Additional Launch Sponsorship Benefits

  • Dedicated account management

  • PR Support

  • Corporate hospitality in the historic Cardington hangar

  • Entrance signage

  • Sponsor boards in the hangar

  • Expert guided tours of the hangar and aircraft for VIPs and staff

  • Branded memorabilia commemorating this historical event

  • VIP seating and participation in the first public flight event

  • Extensive branding on HAV and Straightline Aviation websites and all press releases

  • Branded crew uniforms

Advertising Locations.jpg

Additional Sponsorship Opportunities

Round Britain Summer 2016 Flight Programme

June – September £500k per month


  • Royal Ascot

  • Mid-summer Stonehenge

  • Glastonbury Festival

  • Goodwood Festival of Speed


  • Henley Royal Regatta

  • Farnborough Air Show

  • Open Golf – Troon


  • V Festival

  • Cowes Regatta

  • RNAS Culdrose Air Day


  • Duxford Battle of Britain

  • Southampton International Boat Show

  • Cycling Tour of Britain


Additional Sponsorship Opportunities

Scheduled for next year

30 day flight programme across Europe, North Africa and the Middle East including a non-stop intercontinental 7 day flight.

£1.5m - £3m

QATAR-2022-AIRLANDER-03 (Blank).jpg
Round the World.jpg

Additional Sponsorship Opportunities

Round the Globe Record Breaking Flight

  • Sponsorship of global record-breaking media event

  • Year-long programme partnership for build up development and three week flight circumnavigating the world

  • Unparalleled media exposure in key markets of UK, Europe, Russia, Middle East, India, China, Japan and the USA

  • Interactive LED sign 48m x 16m communicating with the world

  • £10m - £40m