Alaskan Hub

Straightline Aviation are establishing a hybrid airship hub in Kenai, Alaska through its partnership with PRL Logistics, Inc. The airbase sits across Cook Inlet from the Alaska Range and Illiamna Lake area where multiple coal, copper, silver, zinc and gold mines are being developed.

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Hybrid Airship Hangar

Within the facility, a 15 acre area has been set aside to build a hangar, storage space and maintenance of the hybrid airship with private and secure access available at all times. The Kenai hub and hanger will serve as the operating base for the territory of Alaska.

This map highlights the area being allotted for the hybrid airship hangar and car park.

This map highlights the area being allotted for the hybrid airship hangar and car park.

Office and Warehouse Space on a Logistics Campus

To accommodate daily management and operations of the hybrid airship a 3,000 square foot command centre office and warehouse/shop is located near the proposed hangar location and priority access airstrip. The warehouse portion includes two large 16’ bay doors accessing the main warehouse location (approx. 2,500 sq. ft.); plus a 535 square feet of office/command centre space.

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Boat Launch Facility

The facility has a commercially sized fixed dock for small to medium marine vessels operating out of the mouth of the Kenai River, Cook Inlet, and beyond. It also comprises a newly constructed reinforced concrete boat launch and a floating dock with a 100+ ft face. The floating dock is fully functional in minus conditions and seasonal high tides and gives shelter from the weather and being able to load and unload in a protected fashion.

The marine operations and shore-based services provide vessel mooring, resupply logistics, fuelling arrangements and vessel storage with access from the lower Kenai River in Tidewater to Cook Inlet.

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Floating-Dock_R SZ.jpg

Helicopter Facility

The facility also has an onsite helipad, classified by the Federal Aviation Association as a heliport facility.  PRL Logistics installed the helipad with features that exceed FAA standards for helicopter operations. The 100-by-100-foot pad is heated, painted and lighted and has a nearby pilothouse equipped with radio communication and high speed internet. Additionally, Kenai Municipal Airport is a short 10-minute drive from the campus. This provides the Kenai’s south beach area with an emergency access point to provide quick medical transportation. 

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